Founded in 2016, the University of Western Australia International Law Club is a UWA Guild affiliated student club for anyone passionate about International Law. The UWA International Law Club aims to promote the field of international law in the university community. The Club’s objectives are to:

  1. Encourage and facilitate interest in, engagement with and knowledge of, international law;
  2. Provide a source of information on international law opportunities and contemporary international legal issues and news;
  3. Provide lectures, forums, round-table discussions, panel discussions and/or Q&As with prominent people in international law;
  4. Compile and publish a yearly international law journal; and
  5. Provide a means of bringing together a wide range of students interested in the world and how it operates and intersects.

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What is International Law?

International Law is the set of rules that govern relations between countries, states, and sometimes individuals. International law is like air – it’s all around us, but we usually fail to notice it. The ability for people to fly from Australia to Europe and go through each and every national airspace is governed by international law; as is passage at sea and by land. According to former Australian High Court Justice Michael Kirby:

‘No sitting of the High Court now passes without some relevant international legal principle being considered in connection with an Australian legal problem.’

Our Executive

Ian Tan


Jing-Zhi (Benjamin) Wong

Vice President

Chelsea Francis


Emma Bolton



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