ILC Seminar Series: Semester 2, 2016

Mondays from 1:00pm – 2:00pm @ University of Western Australia (Weeks 6 – 10).

The ILC Seminar Series is a weekly research seminar beginning in week 6, where a student or staff member has the opportunity to present international law research, topics or ideas to their peers to lead a discussion and/or seek feedback and comments on their work. All professors and students are welcome to attend.

The outline for the ILC Seminar Series for Semester 2, 2016 is as follows:

  • Week 6, 5th September @ E-Moot Court: Australia’s War Crimes Trials of the Japanese (1945-51), delivered by Dr Narrelle Morris (Professor at Curtin Law School)
  • Week 7, 12th September @ Masters Seminar Room: Pursuing an International Law Career, delivered by Professor Lawrence Watters (Visiting Professor at UWA, previously of University of Oslo)
  • Week 8, 19th September @ Masters Seminar Room: Institutionalising State Responsibility Through Global Security and UN Organs, delivered by Dr Vincent-Joel Proulx (Professor at National University of Singapore)
  • Week 9, 3rd October @ E-Moot Court: Slavery and Human Rights in Pakistan, delivered by Oliver Mitchell (Honours student, UWA)
  • Week 10, 10th October @ E-Moot Court: Somali Piracy: A Criminological Perspective, delivered by Dr Jade Lindley (Research Fellow, UWA)

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